Bring 3D design and 3D printing into your classroom with the help of Tinkercad.

Invite students
Onboard students by generating an Invite Code:

How does this work?

  1. Start by generating an Invite Code from above. Share it with your students – many teachers write the code on the board.
  2. Students create their own Tinkercad accounts*.
  3. Students log in and access their dashboard by clicking the Tinkercad logo.
  4. Students then must enter the Invite Code in the Get Approved box. They will immediately be added to teacher’s Moderated Kids as approved Tinkercad users.

*Students age 13+ may create their own Tinkercad account and start designing immediately. Students age 12 and under will need your Invite Code for instant approval of their accounts.

Feeling stuck? Check out the video tutorial on how to approve and moderte kids.

  • Code is valid for 7 days.
  • Creating a new code replaces the old one.
  • Replacing codes does not expire student accounts.