Getting started with Tinkercad

1. Take a lesson

After logging in, visit the Learn section for easy step-by-step lessons which will help you master Tinkercad in no time!

2. Copy & Tinker

There are over 4 million designs in the Tinkercad Gallery. Make one your own by clicking Copy & Tinker.

3. Come back often

Tinkercad makes the 3D design simple! The more you build and create, the more fun you will have.

Tinkercad tutorials & how-to's

Quick overview

TinkerTips (playlist)

3D printing & Tinkercad

See all TinkerTips or browse the rest of our videos on the official Tinkercad YouTube channel

Tinkercad keyboard shortcuts

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Moving object(s)
(Using keyboard)
/ / / Move object(s) along X/Y
ctrl + / Move object(s) along Z
Shift + / / / ×10 Nudge along X/Y
ctrl + Shift + / ×10 Nudge along Z
Keyboard + Mouse shortcuts
(Press and hold the keys, then click and drag the mouse)
Alt + drag left mouse button Duplicate dragged object(s)
Shift + left mouse button Select multiple object(s)
Shift + hold while rotating 45° rotation
Alt + hold side handle Scale (1D)
Alt + hold corner handle Scale (2D)
Shift + hold corner handle Scale (3D)
Shift + Alt + hold corner handle Scale (3D)
Shift + Alt + hold top handle Scale (3D)
Viewing designs
(With the help of a mouse or a mouse pad)
Right mouse button Orbit the view
Ctrl + left mouse button Orbit the view
Shift + right mouse button Pan the view
ctrl + Shift + left mouse button Pan the view
Mouse scroll wheel Zoom the view in or out
+ or = Zoom-in
- Zoom-out
F Fit selected object(s) into view
Object settings
T Transparency toggle
H Turn object(s) into Holes
S Turn object(s) into Solids
ctrl + L Lock or Unlock object(s)
ctrl + H Hide object(s)
ctrl + shift + H Show All hidden object(s)
Tools and commands
ctrl + C Copy object(s)
ctrl + V Paste object(s)
ctrl + D Duplicate object(s) in place.
(Repeat with move, rotate and scaling for interesting effects.)
Del Delete object(s)
ctrl + Z Undo action(s)
ctrl + Y Redo action(s)
ctrl + Shift + Z Redo action(s)
ctrl + G Group object(s)
ctrl + shift + G Un-group object(s)
L Align object(s)
M Flip (or Mirror) objects(s)
ctrl + A Select All object(s)
W Place a Workplane. Tip: while enabled, hold Shift to flip direction.
R Place a Ruler
D Drop object(s) to the workplane
ctrl = Cmd / Alt = Option

Get started with Tinkercad.

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