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Create fidget spinners online and then 3D print them!

Tinkercad makes it easy to put your own twist on the classic fidget spinner. The possibilities are endless!

How it works:

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1. Place

Shapes are basic building blocks of Tinkercad. A shape can add or remove material. Import your own, or work with existing shapes.

2. Adjust

Adjust shapes freely in space by moving, rotating, and mirroringand them. Select a desired shape to input exact dimensions.

3. Combine

Group together a set of shapes to create models as detailed as you want.

Custom, user-created fidget spinners:

Purple Fidget Spinner
Single Bearing Spinner
Brown Fidget Spinner
Grey Fidget Spinner
Hex Fidget Spinner
Clover Fidget Spinner
LED Fidget Spinner
3D design 'Fidget Spinner' created by Robert Maki with Tinkercad.

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