Your 3D world, brickified!

The shortcut to becoming a Master Builder. Turn your 3D designs into buildable brick models.

Start Tinkering

1. Select a 3D design.

Discover millions of 3D designs created by the Tinkercad community, or create your own from scratch. Import several popular file types such as STL, OBJ, and SVG.

2. Adjust your brick model.

Select from three levels of complexity and build plate size – larger models may consist of thousands of bricks! Hide the build plate to get a better view of your brick design.

Easy build
under 1,000 bricks

Moderate build
1,000+ bricks

Expert build
5,000+ bricks

3. Build it!

Enable the step-by-step mode which helps you throughout your build process, one layer at a time. Tip: be sure to group your 3D design for best results in brickifying it!

Learn how to turn your 3D design into bricks

Follow along this step-by-step tutorial to brickify your 3D design!

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Give it a shot! Try brickifying the following designs:

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