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Simple 3D home design

Architectural and interior design with Tinkercad is a breeze. The app is so intuitive, you end up focusing on your design ideas instead of learning how to use complex home design software.

3D design and 3D print home interior models

Getting your ideas across has never been easier! Use Tinkercad to rearrange your room, or to brainstorm the redesign of your entire home – the process is just as simple!

3D design and 3D print home interior models

Don’t get stuck in 3D…

Major advantage of Tinkercad is the ability to easily bring your digital designs to life with the help of 3D printing. You can design and 3D print virtually anything: from architectural toys, to showcase projects for your next client meeting.

3D design and 3D print home interior modelsModular Magnetic – a fully 3D-printed magnetic playset, designed entirely in Tinkercad.

Possibilities are endless!

Don’t take our word for it – just take a look at some of the designs created by our users. Start your project from scratch, or Tinker hundreds of existing designs.

Greek Pot Planter
Swallow's Nest
Mayan Cube Head Planter
Mini Middle Eastern Villas
Planter v2
Planter Math 10C
Planter Math 10C
Modular Planter
Planter Square
Planter Math 10C
Kirby Desk Planter
Speaker Planter

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