Introduction to API

Welcome to Autodesk Creative Platform!

We believe passionately in providing the tools and infrastructure individuals brag to their peers about, when realize their projects. We're committed to extending the breadth of the API in Tinkercad, however we also recognize there's an incredible amount of creativity happening in our community, so it makes even more sense to provide a flexible API platform that allows members of our community to also contribute to the API.

What's more, the APIs will not only be applicable for work inside Tinkercad, but also across other offerings in the ecosystem of other products in the portfolio of consumer products at Autodesk!

Artists & Makers

If your interests are in creating procedural or generative geometry, we want to make sure you have access to the best libraries, mathematics, and minds to achieve your goals, whether they're developed by us or others. We want to provide you a way to give feedback, and submit requests, and way to feature your work in the application so you get the recognition you deserve.

Mathematicians & Developers

If your interests are in helping developers, complex mathematics, generative algorithms, computational design, we want to provide you with a thriving ecosystem that allows others to leverage your work, provide you with feedback, and give you the tools you need to release updates to your users. The new rating system for the libraries you develop will get you the feedback you need, and help you get feedback from your users.

Autodesk-Developed Libraries

The following Creative Platform Libraries are published and maintained by Autodesk for the community.

Autodesk Creative Platform Help

The following links are provided to help everyone become familiar with the Autodesk Creative Platform:

Autodesk Core Library

API information for the Core library.

Autodesk Core Library Tutorials

Tutorials on how to get started with the Core library.

Autodesk Creative Platform Library Editor

Information on the IDE provided for developers.

Community Tour

A tour of community contributed shape generators built with the Autodesk Creative Platform.

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