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25,900% growth for Autodesk Tinkercad in 2 years.

Growing online community from 50k users to 13M+ via high quality content creation, clever marketing, and iterative design approach through testing.


Mostly a B2B company with complex prosumer offering, Autodesk needed to expand their market share by entering the consumer world. With a series of strategic acquisitions, they grew their portfolio until this growth became troublesome. As a result they refocused their efforts on conqering the market via education industry and cloud-based apps.

Services provided:
Branding, UX/UI design, visual design, web design, print design, content architecture, content creation, front-end development, SEO, marketing, conversion optimization, writing, animation, photography.


Idea was to make people want to use Autodesk's products, not have to. Playing up on the visially attractive [and memorable] UI design of Tinkercad, marketing was completely changed to better reprsent what the offering stands for while at the same time inspiring the future Tinkerers in ways previous presentation didn't.






Engagement went up by nearly 20%, from low 60's to high 80's. Userbase grew from 50k to 13+M (currently sitting at 25M). Tinkercad is in a carriculum of every state in the nation, and is taught in all major education hubs across the world.

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