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Creating the most regarded scale modeling company in the world.

If the likes of Mona Lisa were the definitive artworks of the past, then creations of Precise Modeling are the masterpieces of today.


Portraying physical artworks of such magnitude via digital means is a challenging task. In some cases these scale models take upwards of 15 years to build from scratch using hand-made tools, so creating that special connection with the viewer was what we focused on.

Services provided:
Photography, marketing, web design, content architecture, Bootstrapping, SEO, writing, PR.


All of our effort was channeled into photography. We wanted the photos to say one million words, not just one thousand. As a result, all of the marketing was centered around photography, rather than design or words. Because photography sells.


Brand re-position and clever marketing resulted in 164% increase in visitors (636% in pageviews) and -28% bounce rate. New identity leaves a memorable impact on users, resulting in better brand recognition which will help to drive the newly started limited edition kit manufacturing side of the business.

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