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Rethinking the future of mobile analytics for 35M+ users.

Microsoft needed help with design and intergation of [mobile] Anaytics section into their Visual Studio App Center.


Microsoft has been undergoing a major [mobile] company shift with several important aquisitions such as GitHub and Xamarin. With just months away from the official release of Microsoft Visual Studio's Mobile Center, one of the missing puzzle pieces was the Analytics section. To make matters more complicated, these ideas needed to be integrated into a design framework that was still being developed.

Services provided:
UX/UI design, visual design, content architecture, product design, analytics.


Replicating an existing analytics offering could be done by anyone, however to reinvent an age old concept takes a bit more know-how and #skininthegame. A few fresh concepts were introduced to Microsoft's team:


Introduction of these concepts resulted in several new trends set in the world of analytics. These were introduced in the biggest redesign of Google Analytics, later in 2018.

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