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Map & Directory Design

High quality, well-thought-out maps and directories are useful tools in various places and contexts. They help people navigate complex areas and facilities, enhancing the overall experience.

We're happy to assist you with directory design for shopping malls, airports, hospitals, college campuses, theme parks, museums, city centers, public transit systems, conference centers, hotels, sports stadiums, corporate offices, historical sites, outdoor events, and cruise ships, among others.

Edmonton City Center Mall map and directory design by ThreefiftyEdmonton City Center Mall map and directory design by Threefifty

Resort in Mexico map and directory design.

Richmond, California school map and directory design.School map and directory design.

Bolivia hospital site plan design.


In a nutshell, we help you grow. We're nimble – we exercise a tactical approach to building a team based on project requirements, keeping overhead low, while avoiding the “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome. We employ polymaths.



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