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Improving usability for 26M+ California drivers.

Biggest impact with smallest of effort.


Just as with any government agency, DMV's experience is overburdened, slow and clunky. Redesigning such a system from scratch isn't feasible.

Services provided:
UX/UI design, content architecture, web design, front-end development, SEO, marketing, techical writing.


Since more users take to their mobile devices and computers, improving DMV's online presence seemed like a reasonable place to start. Thoughtful, minimal face-lift is a great way to establish benchmarks and compare against the new revision. As a result, an incremental design improvement approach via iteration was adopted. This required:

  • Complete website re-architecture.
  • Update to marketing approach.
  • Front-end coding/Bootstrapping.
Appointments landing page (before)
Appointments landing page (after)


New experience reduces the time it takes for users to digest information and therefore to take an action. Learn more about design process.

Appointments form (before)
Appointments form (after)

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