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Bringing the most unique sound experience to audiophiles around the world.

Helped a small Silicon Valley startup bring huge ideas in sound to a worldwide audience.


Portraying physical artworks of such magnitude via digital means is a challenging task. In some cases these scale models take upwards of 15 years to build from scratch using hand-made tools, so creating that special connection with the viewer was what we focused on.

Services provided:
Photography, marketing, web design, content architecture, Bootstrapping, SEO, writing, PR.


All of our effort was channeled into photography. We wanted the photos to say one million words, not just one thousand. As a result, all of the marketing was centered around photography, rather than design or words. Because photography sells.


Brand re-position and clever marketing resulted in 164% increase in visitors (636% in pageviews) and -28% bounce rate. New identity leaves a memorable impact on users, resulting in better brand recognition which will help to drive the newly started limited edition kit manufacturing side of the business.

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