Meet Our Pack

At Bluewolf, we’re united by a passion for finding answers and never giving up. We thrive on the discomfort of a challenge and see opportunity in ambiguity.

What People Say

“Bluewolf gives me the opportunity to make a difference and see the direct impact of my work.”

John McGrath, Business Operations Manager

“I have the autonomy to run my deals from start to finish, but I also know I always have a team to lean on for support.”

Starr Ruiz, Client Advisor

“There’s something amazing about being on a leadership team that has been together for over a decade.”

Jolene Chan, Chief of Staff

“Bluewolf empowers its employees to drive change and growth within our business. Collaborating with innovative people inspires me and gets me excited to come to work every day.”

Frank Petroskey, Sr. Financial Analyst

“No one is entitled to anything at Bluewolf. If you feel that you're entitled, this is not the place for you – we all work together.”

Caryn Fried, Head of Global Talent Management Team

Strategists, Technologists, Business Designers

With 55+ studios worldwide, we help clients grow and change with the speed of a startup and the scale of an enterprise.