Jolene Chan
Chief of Staff

“Have you ever had a garden, and planted seeds that have grown, or watched your child grow up right before your eyes.”

Why Bluewolf

Bluewolf is an organization that I joined in 2003, when there was less then 10 people in the company.

At that time, I joined because I was inspired by the vision of Eric and Michael. The organization was entrepreneurial, full of energy, fraternal, and individuals worked hard and played hard.

Today, it's amazing to be in our new york office, after having watched the company grow exponentially and see that who we are as a company, the foundation that we built, that our Bluewolf DNA still lives strong in each individual we hire.

The culture is one where you can create your path, be creative, be passionate, and be yourself always. We are interested in finding ways to add value to our customers 100% of the time.


I run the global consulting and consulting operations organization, responsible for our global delivery organization, Project Management Office, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Management Team.

As a part of the executive team, I am focused on strategic execution at Bluewolf, with over 12 years of experience, I have been able to work on some of our customer journey accounts, develop our methodology and framework, and help to attract and build programs for new talent in our organization.

I am proud to have co-founded the Women’s Innovator’s network, created and manage the ABE Program(s) geared toward recent graduates, and participate in building the global footprint of our consulting organization.

Prior to joining Bluewolf, I worked at several global consulting firms such as Andersen and PwC.


Cooking, Dogs, World Travel

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