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Website redesign for Bluewolf, an IBM company.

Complete overhaul of world's largest digital transformation agency by the world's smallest digital transformation agency.


Website was difficult to use as it was trying to achieve too many tasks at once, taking away from the main goal of prospects getting in touch. Because of the way it was built, organic SEO efforts were also greatly hindered. To complicate things, this transformation had to be completed in under 2 months – in time for the biggest event of the year, the legendary Dreamforce.

Services provided:
UX/UI design, content architecture, web design, front-end development, SEO, marketing, A/B testing, writing.

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It was decided that it would be easier to start from scratch than to try and fix a convoluted system. The goal was to provide IBM with a solid starting point to build on top of. This required:

  • Complete website re-architecture.
  • Selection of a front-end framework that would instill consistency; for this reason website was Bootstrapped.
  • Determining benchmarks to compare any consecutive redesigns against.
  • Update to marketing approach.


A more streamlined and optimized version of website was delivered on-time and on-budget, allowing Bluewolf to re-integrate into Drupal just in time for the rollout at Dreamforce 2019.


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