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5 Ways to get the most out of your Facebook Page

Yuriy Sklyar

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With Facebook being the second most visited website in the world, it's a good idea to take advantage of this resource by creating your business page if you haven't already done so. This article sheds some light on the most important aspects of maintaining a Facebook page.

For the most views and shares, publish your articles over the weekend.

  1. According to Dan Zarrella, stories that are published on the weekends tend to be shared on Facebook more, on average, than stories that are published during the week.
  2. More than half of companies in the US block Facebook, so people usually use the social network at home [unless, of course they are using their personal mobile at work], and more so during the weekends.
  3. In addition, the mainstream Facebook audience doesn't use Facebook for work – That's what LinkedIn is for.

Publish your articles in the morning.

After analyzing the average number of times articles were shared on Facebook based on the time of day they were published, it was found that Facebook sharing seems to peak on articles that are posted in the morning, 9AM EST to be exact.

Include numbers in your article title.

The difference isn’t huge, but articles with digits in their titles tend to be shared more on Facebook than stories without digits.

Use simple language.

This should come as common sense, however not many people actually practice this.

The bottomline is: use plain language that doesn't make people think too hard about what they are reading, if you wish to get their attention.

According to research, as the reading grade level required to understand the title of an article increases, the number of times it is shared on Facebook decreases.

Use nouns and verbs.

Adjectives and adverbs don’t perform as well as regular, plain old nouns and verbs.

Additionally, make sure to also check out the most shared & the least shared keywords and always remember, if you want more followers, cheer up!

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