Product Design
User Experience

San Francisco

I Like to Waste My
Where the bored and curious go to unwind.
Redefining what’s 'possible' in the world of scale modeling.
Z Scale World
Online resource for appreciators of 1/220 scale.
Modular Magnetic
Architecture and interior design for kids and adults.
Free Bunk Bed with no Screws
Modern, open source furniture for the kids room – with a twist!
A high quality resource for visual designers.
Best of modern architecture.
Best of web design world.
I Like to Waste My
Designed mobile analytics for Microsoft's 30M+ audience.
Helped Autodesk conquer the consumer world.
D2A Audio
Revolutionized audio world.
Z Scale World
Redesigned a crucial (and legendary) property for the media giant.
Modular Magnetic
Design guidance for a silicon valley tech startup.
San Carlos Auto Solutions
A new benchmark in automotive services world.